Transform your OTT Platform - Outsmart competition.

Add new revenue streams. Improve personal viewing experience.
By Cornea Cloud

Video Filters

“Just streaming videos on your OTT platform?
Not good enough any more.”
Give total control to your viewers on how they want to watch a movie.
Take your viewer experience to next level of personalization

Easy to integrate plugins with OTT platforms.

Rich personalization

Just connect, and overlay rich personalization & interactive features on top of OTT screens

AI + Human Intelligence

With Cornea Cloud Studio, edit your assets like a breeze (Cornea A.I engine handles bulk of the workload)

Efficient consumption

An exciting window into the world of your viewers’ in-video preferences

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“Want to go beyond OTT offerings and grow your viewerships?
Roll-out your own creative works platform.”
Unleash the creativity of your viewers. Let them create their own Music-Mashups, Game-Highlights & watch the contents go viral
Creative Repository

White Labeled ‘Creative Works’ mash-up platform

Easy Setup

Just setup and roll out as an additional value-add service

Curiosity Factor

Give access to your content archives and allow viewers imagination run wild.

Creative platform

Build a ‘social platform’ for viewers to show off their creations with others

User Engagement

Pull viewers from your OTT competitors who are still serving plain boring video contents

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Powered by A.I.

We are the foundation for ‘next-gen’ personalization layer. On all OTT platforms.

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