Making videos intelligent

An Universal Cloud and API that enables any video to be intelligent and power videos to deliver an engaging and enjoyable experience to the viewers.

Cornea - The intelligent layer for videos

In a digital world, largely dominated by video content, its difficult to make your viewers engaged to your content till the end.
Ever imagined, what if your videos can do more for you.
Meet Cornea, an universal cloud and API, designed especially to get more done through your videos.

Enhance video viewing experience

The video viewing experience is broken. It does not allow viewers to watch the part of the content that they want to watch and the way then want to consume the content. With Cornea, enhance the entire video viewing experience for your viewers

Boost viewers engagement

Majority of viewers drop out before the end of a video. With Cornea’s intelligent features boost engagement for your viewers on your content.

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Increase retention of information

Information retention is low in human beings. With Cornea’s AI enabled features, help your viewers to retain the information in their minds that matters.

Interested to see how it works? Schedule a free demo to get to learn everything you need to know.
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Powered by AI, Seamless integrations

Cornea’s Cloud and API can be used to make any video intelligent. The API can be seamlessly integrated with your existing video infrastructure.

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Why choose us?

An array of intelligent features to choose
Customizable as per video’s needs
Simple and effective
Faster and Cheaper
Understand video content
Video AI available today
Limited capabilities
Customizations not available
Time-consuming and expensive
Inept in understanding video content