Cornea enhances your videos to enable an enjoyable, engaging and effective viewing experience for your users.

Making your videos intelligent has never been this easier. Any video extensive business can now make their videos deliver more with Cornea.

Cornea for Learning

“An AI Powered Learning solution for learning videos”
Video Synopsis

Give a quick peek of the course content. Intelligent video summary enables learners to revise in less time

Proactive Revisions

Send proactive notifications to the learner for course revision.Based on the learners' consumption analysis, proactive actions can be designed

InVideo Search

Enable learners to search for specific content inside the video. Forget bookmarks. Give your learners the power of on-demand search inside the videos

Visual Search

Enables learners to watch only those content which they want to watch. Your learners watch only those sections of the video that they are interested in

Learning Companion

Today, your learners need move out of the video to learn relevant information which results in drop-outs and low engagement. With Cornea, the information reaches the learners in-context as they learn

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Cornea for Entertainment

“An AI powered solution to boost engagement on entertainment videos”
Visual Search

Enables viewers to watch their favorite scenes. Now if you are a Tom Cruise fan, watch only those scenes in which your favorite actor is there.


With this feature, your users can create mashups of their favorite scene and can share it with their friends.

AI Thumbnails

The AI generated thumbnails relevant to the user query enables in easy discoverability of the content.

Movie companions

Enable your viewers to get the in-context information of the video content as they watch. No need to moving away the video to know about the actor in a particular scene.

inVideo Search

Search for specific scenes inside the video. There are few scenes that viewers want to watch again, with inVideo Search it’s possible now.

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